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Award in Insurance


Award in Insurance (AWARD), which is examined and certified by the Chartered Insurance Institute, London is aimed at delegates who mainly work within the insurance sector. The delegates do not necessarily need to be directly performing insurance duties, but the course extends to also include Human Resource employees, Accounts & Compliance staff, Research and Development employees, Health & Safety Officers and finally any other company employees whose roles include the management of insurance contracts


Who should Attend:

Any person who is working in the financial services sector including new entrants who wants
to make a career in insurance plus estates agents insurance officers, law firms and any other
service companies who have interactions with the insurance industry via contracts

Digital Marketing Strategies


Learn some of our tried and tested digital marketing trade secrets, acquire the technical know-how needed to successfully manage digital marketing campaigns.

We have trained over 1,000 marketing professionals around the world. We will teach you the same strategies we have used to grow over 300 businesses online.

Digital Risk Management


Participants will gain first-rate taught and practical experiences from industry leading trainers through lectures, workshops, DIY sessions & real-time case studies.

Specifically, participants will gain knowledge on 4 key aspects:

  • Understanding Emerging cybersecurity threats to digital platforms, how it affects businesses and why you should care;
  • The possible impacts of cyberattacks on you, your organization, employees, and customers.
  • Creating a Risk Management Regime: Preventing & Dealing with Cyberattacks
  • Creating a comprehensive risk assessment and policy documentations

Insurance Claims Handling Process (IF4)


This Insurance Claims Handling Process course (non-examination) is designed to equip professionals with the fundamental requirements for all claims whether it is a Long-Term policy of insurance or a policy from the General Insurance Sector. The course extends training in the legal and regulatory sectors as required for any valid claim as well as consumer rights and protection. The Insurance policy structure, terms and conditions will be integral in understanding the claims process. There will also be ‘role play’ exercises to enhance the training experience. A final area covered will be Fraud in Insurance, detection methods and control.

Insurance Underwriting Practice (IF3)


Insurance Underwriting Process is yet another of the core subjects offered toward the CERT CII designation which is examined and certified by the Chartered Insurance Institute, London.

This unit offers you the knowledge and understanding of the role of underwriting including identification, assessment and acceptance of risk, rating, and relevant financial factors.

There are other beneficial areas including reinsurance of risks as well pricing of unusual or undesirable risks. Finally, we will look at the impact of the recent changes to the acceptance of risk as applicable to consumers and non-consumers.

Introduction to Insurance


This Non-Examination module was developed to provide a grounding in basic principles of insurance, the legal environment surrounding insurance contracts as well as the latest regulatory changes and requirements within the insurance sector.

Who should Attend:

  1. Ideal for newcomers to the insurance industry.
  2. Employees performing noninsurance roles such as finance, human resources, and IT.
  3. Staff performing Client facing roles as well as those interacting with Insurance Intermediaries.
  4. Persons in the legal and or estate agency sectors who in some way interact with insurance contracts as part of the roles.