1. General Principles surrounding Claims

Insurance Claims Handling Process is one of the core subjects offered towards the CERT CII designation which is examined and certified by the Chartered Insurance Institute, London. The Certificate in Insurance (CERT CII) module which is equivalent to the UK Level 3 qualification, is aimed at delegates working across all sectors in the industry. It has been developed by practitioners to provide a grounding in the basic insurance principles including the regulatory environment, key insurance disciplines and popular products, claims handling, recoveries and Fraud identification. The course supports role-specific learning which will assist individuals and their employers to develop relevant competencies.

Employees working in the insurance industry with a minimum of at least 3 years of general insurance experience are also welcome to study this course. Claims Management Company employees and any individual considering a career as a Loss Adjuster or Loss Assessor will find this course pivotal to their upward mobility.

Finally, this IF4 unit, offers you a minimum of 15 credits toward the Certificate Level (CERT CII) designation.