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CII Insurance Certifications

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SBN delivers training courses for the insurance services profession through its CII certified trainers. CII operates approved online exam centres in Europe, Africa & The Caribbean, which you can sit in from the comfort of your home.


The chartered Insurance Institute (CII), based in the UK for over 100 years, are a uniquely global institute that is known and respected worldwide. CII have more than 120,000 members in more than 150 countries, and is the number one provider of training & certification for the insurance profession.

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CII Training Courses

  • Insurance legal and regulatory
  • General insurance business
  • Insurance underwriting process
  • Insurance claims handling process
  • Healthcare insurance products
  • Customer service in insurance
  • Aviation, marine and energy insurance
  • MB: One day executive programme
  • Risk Management
  • Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Insurance

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Flexible, Comprehensive, Affordable

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The SBN CII course is designed with existing professionals in mind. Participants can study around current work schedule with minimal disruptions.

Delivered by qualified trainers, these are the most comprehensive insurance training courses, with certifications recognised around the world. SBN boats a broad catalogue of off-the-shelve and bespoke training programmes.

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Why choose SBN for Insurance Training?

  • SBN have access to a global network of CII trained and certified facilitators who are experts with decades of experience within the insurance industry.
  • Our courses are cost-effective; providing face-to-face training on or off site, allowing participants to acquire UK qualifications recognised globally from their home country.
  • CII and online exam centres around the world enable participants to undertake CII qualification exams without leaving their home country.
  • Average 90% pass rate achieved. With our comprehensive training, you are guaranteed to enjoy a high level of acclaim among professionals and organisations worldwide.
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Register with us


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Telephone: +44 751 004 0515 (Whats App)  | Email: training@sbnhumancapital.com

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