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About Course

The Foundation Insurance Test (FIT), which is examined and certified by the Chartered Insurance Institute, London is aimed at delegates who mainly work within the insurance sector. The delegates do not necessarily need to be directly performing insurance duties, but the course extends to also include ā€“ Human Resource employees, Accounts & Compliance staff, Research and Development employees and finally Health & Safety Officers.

Course Topics:

  • The Insurance Market

  • The Law of Agency & Insurance

  • Risk & Insurance

  • Regulation in Insurance Industry

  • Personnal & Commercial Insurance

  • Insurance Procedures

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Date: 20th July – 20th October

Ticket: US$225.00 (Earlybird tickets end 7th, July)

US$300 (Standard tickets)

ParticipationĀ feeĀ canĀ beĀ paidĀ overĀ 3Ā instalmentsĀ ($103Ā USDĀ perĀ month).

*GetĀ 10%Ā discountĀ whenĀ youĀ inviteĀ aĀ friendĀ toĀ joinĀ theĀ class.

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What Will You learn ?

The Insurance Market

All areas of the market will be discussed. Delegates can now compare the international standards with the local market operations. Specific topics will include the Operation & Structure, Lloyds, Distribution Channels, Intermediaries, Loss Adjusters, Loss Assessors, Underwriters & Claims Staff, call centers, E-commerce trading, Aggregators and Non-Insurance Services.


Risk & Insurance

From the nature of risks as it relates to insurance, categories of risks, types of risks which can be insured, those with cannot be insured, components of risk, pool of risks benefits of insurance to individuals, companies & countries. Insurance as a risk transfer mechanism.

The Law of Contract & Agency

It is important that delegates understand that Insurance contracts are legal agreements entered into on behalf of the employer. Sometimes, this is triggered event before any premium is collected by the Insurer. The law of Agency & Insurance Legal Principles provides a clear understanding. Topics include, essentials of a valid contract, agency. The legal principles such as insurable interest, utmost good faith, indemnity, proximate cause, contribution, subrogation and the application & calculation of the condition of average.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Who should Attend:

Any person who is working in the financial services sector plus, estates agencies, law firms and any other service companies who have interactions with the insurance industry.


Why should you subscribe ?

Benefits & Return on Investment

The overall benefits include providing a working knowledge of the insurance industry as well as credits, should the candidate wish to undertake further specialist CII designation courses.


Confidence in your Job

Improved employee confidence in their working environment. Competences within the organisation which should result in improved customer service.


Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage by having employees trained to the highest standard in the insurance sector Internationally. Pool of resources to choose from when considering succession planning. Company compliance with regulatory employee training requirements.


The Foundation Insurance Test (FIT) is certified by the CharteredĀ Insurance Institute, London

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Who will be teaching you ?

Raymond McMillan

Raymond McMillan has over 30 years in the insurance industry with both local, London and the international market experience as an Insurance executive as well as a broker. He sits on the board of directors of a number of companies including – SBN Human Capital Development Ltd and PDR Tobago Ltd.

Mr. McMillan holds the ACII Diploma and is presently completing his FCII qualification. An approved Trainer with the Chartered Insurance Institute since 2013, Raymond has already trained over 450 insurance delegates in Grenada as well as in Trinidad, and Tobago.Ā  A holder of the Pinnacle prize for the ā€œBest Trainer Presentationā€ in the CII sponsored 2 days intensive ā€œTraining the Trainerā€ course 2016, Raymond has no doubt found his calling.

Mr. McMillan was also responsible for the 1st group of Grenada delegates to write their CII exams in Grenada (prior to this they would have had to fly to Barbados or to Trinidad & Tobago. In addition, Grenada has for the first time, 24 individuals holding the CERT CII designation trained by Mr. McMillan. There are many other Grenadians trained by Raymond, presently holding other CII Certificates.Ā 

Raymond was a guest speaker at ATTIC / Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Instituteā€™s conference in 2016 – Untapped Leadership Conference 2016. Mr. McMillan pursued an MSc Insurance and Risk Management ā€“ City University, UK (10 credits) and is a Chartered Insurance Broker.

Presently, Mr. McMillan is an Insurance lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. In 2017/18, Raymond was contracted to a leading insurer in Trinidad & Tobago and is training 100 of its employees, in addition to other training contracts.Ā 

Finally, Raymond is the holder of the Advance Diploma in Insurance from the Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Institute and was awarded the Best ā€œAll Roundā€ Student Book Prize ā€“ Scholarship Training Program 1985 (Trinidad & Tobago).

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Register forĀ Foundation Insurance Test (FIT)

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