How it Started?

Ever wondered if the Titanic was insured and if yes, by whom? Or maybe where the word ‘underwriter’ came from. Raymond McMillan, SBN Director is an international insurance trainer who is an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London, he answers these questions and more in his latest audiobook, “Insurance How it Started

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About The Book

The idea of writing this book was to capture the humble origin of insurance from a casual chat in a coffee house (not in a court or parliament), then the various case laws which cemented the fundamentals principles for example – Life Assurance Act 1774, cemented the principle of Insurance interest as necessary in EVERY contract of Insurance.
We continue to observe its evolution through the years to today’s position where Insurance is a regulated industry and recent ACTs in 2012 and 2015, now shifts the responsibility to request material facts concerning risk to the Insurers and away from the requirement under the Marine Insurance Act 1906 which was the standing position for over 100 years until the 2012 & 2015 Acts.
Finally, we cannot ignore the advent of the Information Technology age where policies are sold and bound in minutes over the internet or via call centers as well as claims payment being concluded over a telephone and monies being transferred directly into clients bank account without any face to face meeting with the insurer. We also cannot ignore the new distribution channels where supermarkets and banks now sell insurance. Can you imagine the industry in say 5 years time?
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Did you know that if an insurer takes too long to pay your claim, you can now sue them for INTEREST on your claims amount, the recent Enterprise ACT made this possible.


Did you know the titanic was insured at Lloyd's of London with some underwriters accepting as low as £1,500 of the shared risk...


How did this word come about? well, at Lloyd's , the officer would put their Lloyd's stamp on the Slip (proposal form) and sign their names under the stamp, hence the name underwriter was born

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About The Author

Raymond McMillan has over 30 years in the insurance industry with both Caribbean and International market experience as an Insurance Executive, Insurance Broker, and now an Insurance Trainer.

Raymond is an Associate of the Chartered insurance Insurance Institute, London, as well as an Approved Trainer. Since 2013, Raymond has successfully trained over 500 Insurance Delegates.

Mr McMillan is a director of SBN Human Capital in addition to other Directorships.

Customer Reviews

“The Audiobook was very informative and actually had me going “ah hah”. It reiterated many topics that were discussed in previous learnings.   My opinion is, it can be considered an Insurance Dictionary. Well done and look forward to your future endeavors in supporting the Insurance Industry Learning Forum.”
Cynthia Carr-Hosten – AIAA, Trinidad
“This is a very exciting book. A lot of information is contained in it including information on the first type of insurance and the contribution insurance has made to improve fire safety in buildings.”
Deinma Ateli – CMIOSH, United Kingdom
“I am very fascinated listening to the audio of the book. It gives a lot of information on insurance and what instantly stood out for me was the proximate cause and its eventualities.”
Louise Nero, Guyana
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