Travel Insurance

Understand insurance products and associated services:

Travel Insurance – There are many risks associated with travel and having a policy can provide compensation as follows:

a. Sickness 

b. Delay due to industrial disputes

c. Luggage may be lost, damaged or delayed

d. Connections may be missed because of delayed or cancelled public transport

e. The traveler may become ill or suffer an accident overseas. 

Coverage: (either for single trip, annual multiple or group travel)

1. Personal Accident benefits – usually £10k to £25k, for death, loss of eyes or limbs 

2. Medical expenses including repatriation or treatment overseas or extended stay due to illness 

3. Loss of deposits if the trip needs to be cancelled and deposits are nonrefundable   

4. Loss of or damage to personal effects, baggage or money

5. Personal liability for accidents or damage to third parties or their property

6. Delayed baggage

7. Hospital cash benefits – daily amounts paid whilst the insured in a hospital

8. Travel interruption

9. Travel delays

Optional extensions include failure of tour organizers, lack of services or amenities due to industrial action at a hotel – 48 hours duration, Loss of Passport, legal expenses, hazardous activities like quad biking 

Exclusions: Pregnancy or childbirth, physical or mental defect, suicide, confiscated luggage, damage to fragile objects. There are usually restriction for travel zones as well as a limitation on the period of stay overseas.