Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance:

This policy covers all legal liability which is not excluded. The legal liability covers not just negligence but also nuisance, trespass and liability under statute.

a. Cover Provisions

           i.  Legal Liability

           ii. Death 

           iii. Claimants costs and expense

           v.   Arising out of and in the course of the insured’s business

           vi.  Trade or Business

           vii. Territorial Limits

           viii. Period of Insurance

           ix.    Limit of Liability , each and every loss, sometimes in an aggregate

b. Exclusions:

            i.  Injury to employees

            ii. Property belonging to the insured

            iii. Products Liability

            iv. Professional Negligence

            v.  Contractual Liability

            vi. Cost of rectifying DEFECTIVE WORK

            vii. Deliberate acts

            viii. Injury or damage caused by the insured’s motor vehicles

            ix.   Injury or damage caused by the insured’s vessels or crafts

            x.    Lifts, elevators or boilers

            xi.   War risks

            xii. Radioactive contamination

c.   Claims: 

           i. Accident – must not be deliberate act or omission of the insured

           ii. Injury to Persons – there must be some form of physical or medical impairment

           iii. Loss of or damage to Property – Damage to third party property but may exclude  intangibles (copyrights)  or indirect economic loss

           iv. Consequential loss – e.g., the cost of hiring a replacement vehicle whilst the damaged car is in the garage.