Pet Insurance

Understand insurance products and associated services:

Pet Insurance –  There are situations where pets, if treated as a family member may need help if they fall ill or go missing:

a. Dogs

b. Cats

c. Rabbits

d. Horses

e. Birds

f.  Exotic pets such as : snakes, turtles and lizards

Coverage: (most policies on the market mainly cover dogs and cats. A specialist insurer may be needed for other pets.)

1. Vets fees

2. Death 

3. Loss and found

4. Liability (for dogs only)

5. Boarding Fees

Policy types:

  1. Accident Only
  2. Limited Time Policies
  3. Maximum Benefit Policies
  4. Lifetime Policies

Rating methods:

  1. The age of the pet
  2. Preexisting conditions
  3. Cost of pet
  4. Type of Pet