Pecuniary Insurances

Know the features, extensions and exclusions of Commercial Products:

   1.   Pecuniary Insurances: (Legal Expenses, Business Interruption & Creditor Insurance)

         Legal Expenses:-

          a.  Cover

                i. The cost to a company to bring an action in court or to defend against actions brought.

                ii. The cost of the insured company and employees time spent in court.

                iii. Standard limits of cover ranges between £10,000 to £25,000

                iv. Sections covered:-

                      1. Employment cover   – discrimination race, sex, disability etc. etc.… 

                      2. Criminal prosecution defense cover– for actions brought against customer.

                      3. Property disputes defense cover – neighbors, buying or selling a building

                      4. Motor – personal injury, uninsured losses 

                      5. Patents – breach of registered designs, trademarks, copyrights, patents etc.

           b. Extensions: 

                i.   Extension to Household Insurances

                ii.  Extension to a motor insurance 

            c. Exclusions:

                      i. all costs and expenses NOT firstly approved by the insurer 

                      ii. Fines imposed by the state

                      iii. Husband and wife claims against each other