Money Insurance

Know the features, extensions and exclusions of Commercial Products:

 Money Insurance:


               Money is defined as cash, coins, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal and money orders , current

               postage stamps.

          b. Cover

                i. Cover is usually All Risks for loss or destruction of money

                ii. Damage to safe and strongrooms during theft or attempted theft & cost of replacement or repair likewise.

                iii. During Business Hours (DBH)

                iv: After Business Hours (ABH)

                v.  Transit 

           c. Extensions

                i.  Personal Accident due to assault

                ii. Credit Cards

                iii. Gaming machines 

                iv.  At the private residence of a supervisor or director (usually the float or some small sum)

            d. Exclusions:

                 i. Errors or omissions in accounting and book-keeping 

                 ii. Dishonesty of employees not discovered within 7 days 

                 iii. Damages arising outside the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands

                 iv. Key left on premises whilst closed for business.

                e. Warranty:

                       There is usually a custodian warranty where cash in transit is restricted by the amount per person. Above a certain

                        amount, a security firm should be contracted.