Household Insurance

Know the features, extensions and exclusions of:

Household policies – Building:-

      a. Definition – includes garages sheds, greenhouses, swimming pools and tennis courts.

      b. Perils covered:

i.    Fire, Lightning , Explosion, Earthquake 

ii.  Riots, Civil Commotion, Strikes, Labour or Political disturbance malicious damage or vandalism

iii. Storm or Flood 

iv.  Falling Trees or Branches (walls, gates, fences or hedges excluded)

v.  Escape of Water

vi. Escape of Oil

vii. Theft of attempted Theft (theft act 1968, full theft)

viii. Impact (vehicles horses or cattle )

ix.   Subsidence , Ground Heave or Landslip (usually carries the largest excess)

x.    Breakage or Collapse of Television or Radio receiving Aerial, Aerial fittings or Mass

xi.   Accidental damage to Drains, Pipes, Cables, or Underground Pipes

xii   Accidental breakage of Glass and Sanitary fixtures

xiii Legal fees, Architect, Surveyors fees, cost of debris removal

xiv  Loss of Rent 

xv   Accidental damage  (optional extension)

C.   Please note the unoccupancy or unfurnished condition (either 30 or 60 days) and excess.

D. Liabilities – Public liability and Statutory

Household policies – Contents:-

        a. Definition – Household goods and personal effects of every description that belongs to the insured

                                      or to a member of the family living with them. Cash and Stamps and fixtures are included

      b. Perils covered: similar to those of the building section and a few more

i.   Fire, Lightning , Explosion, Earthquake 

ii.  Riots, Civil Commotion, Strikes, Labour or Political disturbance malicious damage or vandalism

iii. Storm or Flood 

iv.  Clothing , money, stamps and plants, NOT COVERED for accidental damage.

v.   Temporary removal to another premises covered as an extension (with restrictions)

vi.  Accidental breakage of mirrors, glass or furniture , added as an extension

vii.  Loss of Rent added as an extension

viii. Theft of attempted Theft (theft act 1968 – full theft, however for cash, currency banknotes & stamps – forcible entry)

ix.   Theft of attempted Theft while the building is lent, let  or sublet in whole or in part may be excluded – forcible entry)

Note: Single Articles limit ( 5 – 10% of TSI), Valuables Limit (1/3 of TSI), other Valuables or Specified Items can be added) 

Other extensions: (an addition premium is required)

        a. Accidental damage to entertainment equipment

        b. Accidental damage during removal

        c. Cost of replacing keys and door locks after loss or theft of keys.
Legal Liability to Third Parties – usually for GBP 1million or 2 million also Occupiers Liability cover for temporary premises

The most common extensions are: 

a. Personal Possessions (called All Risks) for specified or unspecified items taken away from the home

b. Money (cash, cheques, postage stamps, travel tickets) credit cards each has a limit of liability (reporting

     losses to the police and card issuer within a certain time frame). There are exclusions applicable.

c. Bicycles, with a usual limit per bike. A lock or storage clause is usually added.

d. Freezer contents covered for damage due to change in temperature or escape of refrigerant fumes.

e. Caravan, accidental loss or damage of: Caravan, equipment but All risk cover for clothing/ p. effects /liability  

f.  Small crafts – vessels not exceeding 5 meters long or speed not more than 17 knots (20 miles) Cover for 

               craft, equipment, personal effects, third party liability to passengers and salvage. Special conditions  

g. Sports equipment

h. Personal accident and hospital cash benefit 

i.  Creditor insurance (cover for the inability to keep up with credit instalments.

j.  Domestic animals

k. Legal Expenses (recovery costs, civil defense, employment and prosecution defense costs.

Typical exclusions:

a. Property more specifically insured elsewhere

b. Medals and coins unless specifically insured elsewhere

c. Drones or Aircraft

d. Motor Vehicles

e. Livestock other than Horses.