Gadget Insurance

Understand insurance products and associated services:

Gadget Insurance – A fact of modern life is that we have smart phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, drones.

Features available:

a. Month by month with gadgets swapped in and out.

b. Loss , damage or theft cover.

c. Mobile phones are usually replaced rather than being compensated by cash, reducing the temptation for fraud claims.

d. Mobile phones need to be new or refurbished in the UK, secondhand phones are excluded

e. Cover can extend to include loss or damage with a family member

f. Personal Drones covers both accidental damage to the drone as well as third party damages. Annual policy or PAFL

Other typical exclusions:

  1. Loss or theft from a car unless locked away out of sight.
  2. If left unattended outside the home
  3. Cosmetic damages, superficial scratches or dents which do not impact the functioning of the phone
  4. Gradual deterioration of performance
  5. Peripheral extras such as charges, cases and other accessories
  6. Loss of data 

Misc.: Some household policies can be extended to cover the above as well, some don’t.