Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance:

The EL Act 1969 is compulsory and states that almost every employer in the UK must have in place for its legal liability for death, bodily injury or disease for its employees.  A Certificate of Insurance must be prominently displayed in compliance and a minimum of £5 million and be kept for 40 years, the ABI has standardized limit across the industry of £10 million. Recent amendments now all insurers to ONLY have the Certificate kept on an intranet to which ALL employees have access.

 a.  Cover Provisions

           i.  Legal Liability

           ii. Death 

           iii. Claimants costs and expenses

           iv.  Definition of Employee

           v.   Arising out of and in the course of employment

           vi.  Trade or Business

           vii. Territorial Limits

           viii. Period of Insurance

           ix.   Defence Costs and Expenses

           x.   Additional person(s) Insured

b. Other matters:

            i. Business description – a good way to limit exactly the extent of cover and business activities

            ii. Exclusion – certain kinds of work, machinery and processes however,

            iii. Compulsory Insurance ,hence all claims must be paid irrespective of any policy contract breaches, the insurer can seek recovery

                 thereafter from the negligent party.