Commercial Motor Insurance

Know the features, extensions and exclusions of Commercial Products:


  1.   Commercial Motor Insurance:
  2.   i. Passenger carrying vehicles (unlimited cover for BI or death, £5,000,000 for TP damage)
  3. Goods carrying vehicles Third Party 

                     iii. Agricultural and Forestry 

  1. Vehicles of a Special types
  2. Extensions:
  3. Loading & Unloaded
  4. Indemnity to Driver 

                     iii. Indemnity to User

  1. Indemnity to Passenger
  2. Legal Costs
  3. Optional Extensions for an additional premium: 
  4. Medial Expenses
  5. Loss of use

                      iii. Windshield cover 

  1. Limitation as to use ‚Äď same as with private cars


  1. Motor Fleet Insurance:
  2. Contingent Third party insurance
  3. Joint insureds or cross liabilities clause 

                      iii. Occasional Business Use (OBU)

  1. Roadside assistance
  2. Helplines